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Authentic – Diverse – Responsible

Booking a trip with PROMOTORA NEPTUNO should be a positive and enriching experience from the first time you contact us to the end of your trip. To ensure that your trip is an unforgettable experience for you, our team works hard every day enthusiastically to create the individual travel package that best fulfills your needs and expectations. This is how we win and keep what is most important to us: our customers’ trust and confidence.

Torsten Krempin
Torsten KrempinManaging Partner

Torsten hails from Southern Germany and came to Colombia 15 years ago. Before that, he had traveled through Colombia by bicycle. Impressed by the kindness of the Colombians and their zest for life, it was very easy for him to decide to move here permanently. He has lived in Bogotá for many years now, is happily married and has 3 children. Torsten is also a passionate football player, and in his spare time he loves to play in one of the many football fields in and around Bogotá.
At PROMOTORA NEPTUNO he is responsible for the general corporate concept of PROMOTORA NEPTUNO and manages the “Incoming” department. He enjoys sharing his passion for Colombia with others!

Angelika Fahrenberger
Angelika FahrenbergerIncoming Manager

Angelika is German and lived for more than 17 years in Santa Marta before moving to Bogotá. She is married to a famous Colombian biologist. Before joining PROMOTORA NEPTUNO, Angelika studied nutrition, and the team can appreciate her nutrition skills particularly at Christmas-time, when she pampers us with her delicious home-made German Christmas pastries. Thanks to her years of experience in the travel industry, she is an expert in planning trips throughout Colombia and always manages to satisfy our clients’ needs and expectations.

Christiane Lelanz
Christiane LelanzIncoming Manager

Christiane is married and has a cute little daughter. She is a graphic designer and found her way to the tourism industry through her passion for travel. She is responsible for planning tours and for the international promotion of our trips through Colombia.

Stephan Stober
Stephan Stober Incoming & Marketing Manager

As a geographer, Stephan has been fascinated since his first visit to Colombia by the diversity of the landscapes in Colombia. He has lived in Colombia since 2008, and in May 2011 became a vital member of the incoming team of PROMOTORA NEPTUNO, where, among other duties, he is in charge of the marketing department. In addition, he teaches evening courses of geography at a university in Bogotá.

Natalia Guzmán
Natalia GuzmánIncoming Manager

Natalia was born and lives in Bogotá, but also has lived in Canada, Chile and Australia and enjoys sharing with people abroad the wonders of Colombia. She studied International Business in Sydney and has always liked working and being in an international environment. She is happily married to a German and has a cute little baby. She loves travelling and enjoys promoting and planning tours around Colombia.

Christopher Romahn
Christopher Romahn Incoming & Marketing Manager

Christopher is part of Neptuno´s team since July 2014. He studied cultural geography and already lived in Colombia in the years 2009 and 2010. After he was investigating the indigenous perception of climate change in the Peruvian Rainforest and finishing his studies in Eichstätt/ Germany, one thing was sure for him: „Colombia, I will be back!” At PROMOTORA NEPTUNO he is in charge of the organization of tourism packages and the sustainability process of the company.

Camila Gaviria
Camila Gaviria Incoming Manager

Camila grew up in Colombia and has travelled with her family through the whole country during her childhood and youth. Thus, she developed a great affection for the natural and cultural diversity of Colombia. She lived almost 10 years in Germany, where she studied ecology and worked in that area. After this experience abroad, she returned back to her homeland. Since 2016 she is part of the Neptuno team.

Janine Aerni
Janine AerniIncoming Manager

The passion for traveling brought Janine to Colombia. After a journey of one year across the Caribbean, Central America and South America, Janine came to Colombia. After crossing the country on 2010, Janine was sure that she would move to Colombia one day. Due to her studies in tourism in Switzerland and her 6 years working experience in this area, she wanted to continue working in tourism in Colombia. So she found her way to Neptuno. Since 2015 Janine is part of the team. She likes to share her passion for this country with you.

Jaqueline Otalora
Jaqueline OtaloraProduct and Content

Jaqueline was born in Bogotá where she also lives. She is happily married and has two pretty girls. She is a professional tourist guide and studied airlines and travel agencies management. She loves to travel, especially around her own country. She also loves to meet people and to get to know other cultures. She enjoys promoting the different Colombian destinations and loves to receive many visits from foreigners to give them some special experiences in this beautiful country.

Paola Guzmán
Paola GuzmánIncoming Manager

Paola was born in Colombia and studied Business Administration. She has good experience in different industries and discovered her passion for tourism by traveling. She has lived in San Diego, CA and Dallas, TX where she had the opportunity to share and learn from multicultural environments. She is now married, has a little daughter and enjoys designing and planning travel packages for people around the world to come to visit her beautiful country of Colombia.

Andrea Botero
Andrea BoteroProduct and Content

Andrea was born and lives in Bogotá and is part of Neptuno’s team since May 2015, she is a flight attendant and has a specialization in tourism and travel agencies. She has lived in Germany and The Netherlands learning German and Dutch. She has three little kitties and loves all animals. She likes travelling around the world, meeting places and enjoys sharing with new people.

Julian Lizarazo
Julian LizarazoIncoming Manager
Julian is an enthusiastic traveler and a business administrator with a specialization in hotel and tourism business. He loves his family and since 7 years he is married to his wife Camila. They have a little boy called Benjamin. With his job as an incoming manager, he is delighted to be able to promote and organize trips around Colombia for everyone around the world who wants to visit and enjoy this beautiful country. He´s proud to be an urban cyclist for almost 10 years and enjoys riding his folding bike everywhere he goes.

Maia Cartwright
Maia CartwrightIncoming Manager
Maia is Colombian, with a degree in anthropology. She has been involved with tourism all her working life – in adventure, natural and cultural tourism projects – and she has a special interest in the respect and conservation of the natural and cultural assets of her country. She loves travelling and she has guided numerous people across the Colombian territory. She is responsible for designing and planning trips for foreign people interested in her country.

Celine Rouchy
Celine RouchyIncoming Manager
Céline grew up in south of France where she spent a lot of time skiing and hiking in the Alps with her family. She is an architect who first came to Colombia in 2008 to study Latin American cities. Her passion for outdoor activities and traveling led her to change the drawing table for her current work in tourism.

Janah Schneider
Janah SchneiderIncoming Manager
In 2015, during her university studies of Tourism Management, Janah became aware of Colombia. Therefore she decided to participate in a work placement at Promotora Neptuno, to get to know better Colombia and its diversity. Thanks to the travelling with Neptuno, she noticed soon that this could be her new home country. Also she really liked working with Promotora Neptuno. That’s why she is part of our team since 2017.

Julia Kämmer
Julia KämmerIncoming Manager
Since she was a child Julia travelled around the world and wanted to turn her passion into her profession. 2014 she came to Colombia for a social project and fell in love with the country. After completing her Master degree in Intercultural Communication in Germany, she decided to return to Colombia. In accordance with her studies she wants to give others an understanding of the Colombian culture and reduce prejudices. Since March 2017 she can reach these goals with Neptuno and show travellers the diversity of Colombia.
Claudia Krämer
Claudia KrämerIncoming Manager

Claudia, half Hungarian, half German, studied Tourism- and Hotelmanagement in Budapest. Her passion for Latin America began when she visited Cuba for the first time back in 2010. A one-year stay in Cuba and several trips to other South American countries followed. Her first visit to Colombia in 2010 was more of a coincidence, but love at first sight. After returning to Germany half a year later she was convinced that one day she would return for a longer stay to discover more of this magical country. She forms part of the Neptuno team since September 2017.
Another hobby of Claudia apart from traveling and discovering new places is her passion for Latin American music and dances.

We are supported by:

– Enrique Gomez (Partner and flight specialist)

– Enrique Segura (Partner and manager in the finance department)

– Andreas Hurni (Shareholder)

– Rodrigo Esguerra (Flight department)

– Francy Cordoba (Flight department)

– Jaquelin Morales (Flight department)

– Paola Lugo (Flight department)

– Martha Pardo (Accountant)

– Martha Tellez (Accountant)

– Johny Lugo (Accountant)

– Tatiana Lugo (Reception)

– Gabriel Agredo

– Daniela Califa (Marketing Manager)

What do we do?

Our specialty is the cost-estimation, organisation and realisation of trips within Colombia. We plan your trip, no matter where you want to go, and no matter how specific your requirements are; both within Colombia and/or in any other Latin American country.
Our multilingual team of experts will always answer your requests as quickly as possible.

What trips do we organize?

We will organize the vacation of your dreams just as you wish it should be. We offer cultural tours to see the highlights of Colombia, active and adventure tours, trekking, eco-tourism and nature tours, language travel, incentives and special themed trips. If you need any extras for your trip such as booking additional trips, hotels or flights, you can of course also book this with PROMOTORA NEPTUNO.

Booking a trip with PROMOTORA NEPTUNO should be a positive and enriching experience from the first contact till the end of your trip. To ensure that your trip is an unforgettable experience for you, our team works hard every day with élan and enthusiasm to create the individually-tailored travel package that best fulfills your needs and expectations. This is how we win and keep our customers’ trust, which is our number one priority. Our multilingual team is happy to respond to your inquires in Spanish, German or English and always endeavors to answer as quickly as possible. Sometimes difficulties or problems can arise before or during a trip, and PROMOTORA NEPTUNO’s experience in the travel business allows us to tackle and efficiently solve these problems. All this leads to our ultimate goal: to provide the best customer service!

Travel experience and excellent knowledge of the country

We have traveled and explored Colombia from east to west, north to south, by bus, by bicycle and by foot. We offer years of experience, strengthened by the cooperation with European travel agents and tour specialists, which helps us to understand the profile of a European traveler better and what their travel expectations are.

Efficiency and promptness

Are you tired of waiting a long time to receive a confirmation or quotation? With us this will not happen to you. Our policy is to send you a reply within 24 hours after you contact us.


In the case that a flight has been cancelled, a hotel does not meet your standards and expectations or any other kind of unpredictable situation, we always guarantee to respond immediately with the highest level of flexibility and responsibility to make sure our customers are satisfied. If you have special requirements, we will also take care of them – this thanks not least to our important and valuable contacts with airlines, hotels and other Latin-American companies that we have established over the past years.

Prices and programs

Our company is big enough to offer the best prices and is flexible enough to respond to every single customer as quickly as possible. Our main strengths are our “tailor-made” trips, but we also have a wide range of specially created tour routes based on different themes from which you can choose, such as adventure tours to the Amazon. Take a look for yourself!

Travel documents

Every customer who makes a reservation of a tour or books extra travel elements with PROMOTORA NEPTUNO, that last longer than 2 days will receive detailed travel information in his/her preferred language (Spanish, German or English) including important contact details and useful addresses as well as a traditional Colombian artisanal welcome gift.


Our travel agency was founded 30 years ago and started with 4 ambitious employees. We originally only specialized in core ticket sales.


With the advent of new business partners (from Germany, Switzerland and Colombia) and the restructuring of the company we began to offer new services and take on new business ventures: We set the course for a successful and sustainable development of our offices.


Sales increased dramatically and PROMOTORA NEPTUNO received important recognition from hotels and airlines. The same year, we had our first and very successful visits to international tourism fairs in Germany and Italy.


Our market position as YOUR EXPERT, specializing in the organization of tours in Colombia (Incoming – Tourism), confirmed once again our excellent reputation as a provider of professional customer service at very competitive prices. We are very proud that reputable and important tour operators from around the world are now part of our customer base.


We moved into our new offices in the district of Santa Bárbara / Usaquén in the north of Bogotá.


Colombia is back as a tourist attraction on the international market! This change means that we were able to win additional tour operators from all over the world as customers. The good experiences that our customers had with us continue to spread by word of mouth- and that means new customers!


Thanks to our customers, international tour operators, we have been able to establish an excellent reputation that stands for quality, efficiency, flexibility and confidence. The needs of our customers always come first for us. Today, we are a fixture at the international tourism fairs in Madrid (FITUR), Berlin (Itb), Frankfurt (Imex), Singapore (Asia Itb) and London (Wtm), and our affiliation with the LATC group (Latin American Travel Concept) strengthens our cooperation with high-quality agencies in other Latin American countries.

1.) The services offered by PROMOTORA NEPTUNO can be requested by any travel agent, tour operator or private person anywhere in the world.

2.) All requested services can be confirmed exclusively by PROMOTORA NEPTUNO.

3.) The prices published on PROMOTORA NEPTUNO’s website are per person, in U.S. dollars and subject to change as necessary. PROMOTORA NEPTUNO maintains the right to publish prices in Euros and/or in any other currency on its website.

4.) PROMOTORA NEPTUNO generally requires payment at the latest 10 days before arrival in Colombia. Groups will receive extra information concerning payment terms with the confirmation. Subject to change.

5.) The cancellation fees vary depending on travel time and trip details of the booking. Generally they are based on the terms and conditions of well-known tour operators worldwide.

6.) Each traveler is responsible for bringing his/her complete and valid travel documents (passports, etc). PROMOTORA NEPTUNO will not be held responsible in any case for any missing or invalid travel documents.

7.) Small children are generally exempted from fees for travelling until they reach the age of two (1 year, 364 days). Children from the age of 2 through to the age of 12 (11 years, 364 days) can often stay free in the same hotel room booked for two adults. Exceptions may arise. Questions and bookings regarding discounts for roundtrips and packages will be confirmed individually.

8.) Airfares can vary dramatically depending on the booked fare class and the date of reservation. When booking, all air fares must be re-confirmed. All our offered air fares include local airport taxes. Infants up to the age of 2 (1 year, 364 days) fly for free, but without the right for an individual seat. There are discounts of 0% – 33% for children aged 2 through 12 (11 years, 364 days).

9.) All terms and conditions are subject to unannounced changes.

10.) All published prices for our offered tours are subject to availability and are subject to unannounced changes.

PROMOTORA NEPTUNO supports actively the organization „Fundación Niños de los Andes” (“Children of the Andes Foundation”), that takes care of the children living in the streets of Bogotá and Manizales who in their shorts lives have never experienced what’s so important: love and affection, a well-balanced diet and an education.
Please receive more detailed information contacting PROMOTORA NEPTUNO directly or have a look on the foundation’s homepage