About Us

We are a renowned B2B agency based in Colombia that designs and organizes customized itineraries throughout Colombia, both for individuals and groups. With us as your competent and reliable partner, your clients are guaranteed authentic and carefree experiences exploring this beautiful country. With more than 20 years of experience, we offer the best personalized service before, during and after the trip.



To ensure that your clients’ trip is an authentic and unforgettable experience, our entire Neptuno team works hard every day with élan and enthusiasm to create the individually-tailored travel package that meets all your needs and expectations. We provide the best personalized service before, during and after the trip, to make sure aour clients don´t have to worry about anything during their trip, but enjoy their experience here in Colombia to the fullest. Our multilingual team is happy to respond your inquires in Spanish, German, English, French, Italien, etc and always endeavors to answer as quickly as possible. Sometimes, unforeseen difficulties or problems can arise before or even during a trip, but our almost 25 years of experience in the travel business allow us to tackle and solve these problems immediately and efficiently.




With only 4 ambitious employees, the travel agency Neptuno was founded, originally specialized solely in ticket sales.


With the advent of new business partners (from Germany, Switzerland and Colombia) and the restructuring of the company we begin to offer new services and take on new business ventures: We set the course for a successful and sustainable development of our office.


Sales increase drastically and PROMOTORA NEPTUNO receives important recognition from hotels and airlines. The same year, we have our first and very successful visits to international tourism fairs in Germany and Italy.


Our market position as YOUR EXPERT, specializing in the organization of tours in Colombia (Incoming – Tourism), proves once again our excellent reputation as a provider of professional customer service at very competitive prices. We are very proud to have various reputable and important tour operators from all around the world in our customer base.


We move into our new offices in the district of Santa Bárbara / Usaquén in the north of Bogotá.


Colombia is back as a tourist attraction on the international market! This change means that we are able to win additional tour operators from all over the world as customers and as their good experiences spread by word of mouth, we continuously expand our network of contacts!


Being aware of sustainability and the effects that the increased tourism in Colombia has on its environment and society, we take actions not only in the office, but also regarding our collaborations and our private lives and meet all the requirements for the national sustainability certificate.


Interest in Colombia keeps growing and our Neptuno team with it – both in terms of number of employees as well as our portfolio and wealth of experience.


We receive the TourCert sustainability certificate, that substantiates our sustainable way of work also on an international level


The fluctuations of requests for travels to Colombia – mainly due to the crisis in Venezuela – can´t keep Neptuno from growing. The contrary, the number of employees increases and 2019 we count with 40 employees in total, thus keeping our highly customized service.


 The world stood still for a while and so did tourism. We use this time-out to work on our products, our service and internal organization.



The global wanderlust is kindled again and Colombia has once
again become one of the most popular travel destinations. Mid 2022, Stephan becomes new general manager of Neptuno.


Our team keeps growing constantly and so does the number of our happy clients.

Jose Baena

Incoming Manager

Deutsch, Spanisch, Englisch
Bei Neptuno seit 2023

Jose wuchs in Deutschland auf und besuchte mit 22 Jahren das Land seiner Großeltern, Kolumbien. Während seiner Reise erkundete er die Natur, die Landschaft und verliebte sich in die Menschen, die Kultur und die Geschichte Kolumbiens. Jose liebt kolumbianischen Kaffee und hat Kaffeefarmen im Land besucht. Als deutscher Reiseführer mit über 6 Jahren Erfahrung in Kolumbien lebt er seine Leidenschaft für die Geschichte und den Kaffee aus.