The Colombian Amazon is the largest department of Colombia in terms of area, and it includes the area of the Colombian Amazon rainforest, which is located on the left bank of the longest river of the world. The mighty Amazon River, with its many tributaries, not only runs through the rainforest, but it also flows through several nature reserves and vast savannas. This is a perfect place for visitors to discover and experience the beauty of wild landscapes and hidden natural secrets. Leticia, the capital of this department is the main center for a wide range of environmental research projects in the region. The Amazon region is exotic and exciting, and nowadays attracts not only extreme adventurers but also leisure travelers. Leticia, the capital, can be reached by a direct flight from Bogotá, and one can choose between luxury accommodation, spending romantic nights under palm leaves or in simple eco-lodges where it is common to sleep in hammocks.



• Leticia
• Tabatinga
• Amacayacu Nationalpark
• Isla de los Micos (Island of the Apes)
• Palmari

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