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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Coffee,Emeralds, the legend of El Dorado, the magical world of Macondoare justa fewexamples of things that make Colombia famous; but the most northern country in South America has a lot more to offer. We invite you to discover a new world! Colombia is a countrythat is like its own continent! Its enormous landscape diversity is reflected in themany different regional lifestyles and cultural characteristics thatall blend to create the special charm of Colombia.

    You will only truly begin to understand Colombia when you meet its people. Colombians are very warm and welcoming, full of life and are considered as some of the happiest people in the world.

    Climate and Travel Season

    Colombia can be visited during the whole year and we assume that the visitor gets good weather in every part of the country, apart from some little exceptions.

    The intertropical zone in these latitudes makes that the temperature depends on the height above sea level. As a general rule there can be said that per increase in height by 1000 meters the temperature shrinks by 6°C.

    There are no seasons in Colombia, they only differentiate between winter (rainy period) and summer (dry period). Normally, the dry period is from December to March and from Juli to August.

    The rainy period is generally during April, May, October and November. Whereas it doesn’t rain permanently during these months, the rain falls are rather short and occur once a day.

    But it is highly important to announce that because of the meteorological phenomenons  „El Niño“ and „La Niña“ it has been very difficult in recent times to predict the weather exactly. Many times the weather really surprised us…

    The main vacation an travel season starts with Christmas more or less for the local tourism and ends in January, as well as during Eastern and from the middle of June until the middle of July.

    Up to 1.000 m

    Tropical climate with an average temperature of 25°C, here they call it „Tierra Caliente“.

    1.000-2.000 m

    Moderate climate with an average temperature between 18 and 24 °C, also known as „Tierra Templada“. It is equivalent to Central European summer climate.

    2.000-3.000 m

    Cold climate between 12 and 18 °C, also known as „Tierra Fría“. It is equivalent to European Central Climate like in spring or autumn.

    3.000 – 5.000 m

    “Páramo“-Landscape with temperatures above 12°C.

    Above 5.000 m

    All year snow cover or glacier.

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    Jose wuchs in Deutschland auf und besuchte mit 22 Jahren das Land seiner Großeltern, Kolumbien. Während seiner Reise erkundete er die Natur, die Landschaft und verliebte sich in die Menschen, die Kultur und die Geschichte Kolumbiens. Jose liebt kolumbianischen Kaffee und hat Kaffeefarmen im Land besucht. Als deutscher Reiseführer mit über 6 Jahren Erfahrung in Kolumbien lebt er seine Leidenschaft für die Geschichte und den Kaffee aus.