Customer Reviews

January 2022

Greetings, We just completed a wonderful two week trip to Columbia. It was an absolutely wonderful trip. Lina took over our case when a colleague became pregnant. We originated the trip through XY prior to their closing their business. I have never worked with an agent so helpful and so responsive. Every step of the way Lina was there to guide us and advise us. She is kind and knowledgeable. She is an amazing asset to your company. We would not hesitate to recommend your company and especially Lina. Our bad luck of the loss of our original agency turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Thank you for taking over our tour. Please feel free to share this with any other members of your team or to use as a testimony. J.G.

December 2019

Hi Margot I just wanted to let you know that after almost a week in Colombia we are having a fantastic time. The people are so friendly, the nature is stunning and the food is delicious. Everything is well organised, communication is good, the hotels are first class and our guides have been excellent. I am glad you convinced us to include the Coffee Region, we really are enjoying it here. Villa de Leyva was beautiful, and Bogota very interesting; we even marched in the protests for a bit! […] Best H. & P.

November 2019

We came back from Colombia on Saturday morning and it was great. A very cool country and friendly, hospitable people. We have not felt unsafe and have seen and experienced a lot. We had several guides, one of which was better than the other, we had good drivers and we were happy that we didn’t drive ourselves. The hotels were fine, even the one better than the other, but generally just nice. In short, we enjoyed and can look back on a few fantastic weeks.

August 2019

Dear Lina As I had a lot of time on my hands(!), I thought I would write up our thoughts on the trip, in case they are useful to you or future clients. Trip overall The trip lived up to our expectations and we would certainly recommend XY to anyone thinking of going to Colombia. We were able to get a sense of the huge variety of landscapes and regions in a short time. And you and Mary were helpful after I had my accident. […] Neptuno From our perspective, Neptuno/Paola have been very helpful and quick on the ball to change plans. The guide we had in Bogotá, E., is not one of their regulars but it seems they specifically looked for a calm, experienced person with very good English to help us through everything. Which he certainly has done. We felt we were in good hands. On Friday he took us to meet his wife so he could ask her advice on getting my hair done, as I can’t do it myself. She came down from her office, took me round the corner, negotiated with the salon about what was needed and the price. All the guides we had were good, though very different. Some quite eccentric characters! […] I hope this is helpful. Su

December 2018

Dear Celine, […] We did have an extremely good trip to Colombia. It was very comprehensive, kept us busy. Most of the guides were very good and all went fairly smoothly. We felt that the night in Leticia could be skipped and just go on to Calanoa. It was really a neat place. Also, the “hike” for 7 hrs in Tayrona NP was not for most people. We are fairly fit, but the hike you arranged was for the extremely fit. We ended up calling for horses. The sad thing is that there is really nothing to see or reward you on this strenuous trek. The archeology find is nothing really. A hike into the beach from the other end and back out is 4 hours and would be plenty. Many people still could not do that hike. We were excited when reading about the park, but were disappointed because it was almost impossible to do as I said, we got horses to help us. There happened to be an alligator at the beach, so that made our hike have an exciting end. Other than this, our Columbia trip was FANTASTIC— thank you. […]Our guides were very good at their job with the exception of one. In Cartegena, we had A.. He just acted like he wanted to get done. He knew his facts, but he had mentioned that there were 10,000 cruise ship people in port earlier and I think he had done tours earlier and was probably wanting to finish as he put us off 1/2 hr. But he left us a couple times-once was in an emerald store. The store had a museum and we were told the history of the emerald and then we were supposed to shop in the store. Who is going to buy expensive jewelry on a tour? We were not interested. On a positive note, in Medellin, we had a guide named J.. She went above and beyond. She went with us to the airport and did not drop us off at the door as the previous one had. She went into the busy airport with us. We had a flight to Saint Martin and it was not on the board. It had been canceled and they had rebooked us on 2 flights-to Bogata and then to St Martin, not leaving for 5 hrs and arriving at midnight. She helped get us on a flight that left in an hour and the connection was just an hour later. We would have had a language barrier without her. We were so grateful. We did have a wonderful trip overall. Your itinerary was generally very good. We saw so much and really enjoyed our time. I will definitely recommend your travel site-in fact, my son already asked. Everything went so smoothly and the guides were very prompt and were so knowledgeable. S.

November 2018

I promised to provide feedback about the trip to Colombia that you arranged for us so here goes: Overall This was a superb holiday with everything going perfectly to plan. Arrangements were delivered as promised and we had a fantastic time. Every one of our drivers and guides was professional, generous with their time and interesting: we enjoyed their company very much. I was pleased that my Spanish was comfortably up to the conversations with non-English speakers:-) The Tour This kind of holiday is always a balance between trying to do everything and having enough time to see the places visited in depth. For us, the balance was just right although we could have very happily spent more time in every location. The smoothness of the transfers meant that we did the maximum possible without feeling that we were constantly on the move. I would hazard a guess that for many people the trip might have been slightly too fast-paced but we knew what we wanted and what to expect. We were also very happy with our choice (with your help) of whether we needed a guide, just a driver or went off on our own. […] So, Chris, thanks to you and Jimmy for putting together this magnificent trip – and indeed for recommending Colombia very firmly. We both found it the most special place we have visited in Latin America and the low level of tourism (hurrah!) brought back happy memories of what travel was like when we were first visiting places like Mexico and Guatamala 25 years ago. If you need any more specific feedback on any aspects of the trip, I would be happy to provide. I’m sure we’ll be back in touch in the coming years next time we head to this part of the globe.

March 2018

I wanted to pass along some of the more positive things our clients have had to say about their time with Neptuno during March. Please pass on our thanks. George impressed most. the driver (Diego) and guide (Gustav) were fantastic for our drive from armenia to Medellin – P. B. All the guides they supplied were good, and three of the four excellent. Very informative and friendly and quickly adjusting to our interests. The Promotora Neptuno sorted out a small problem with the booking in Medellin very quickly. – D. G. Excellent guide/driver in Medellin, Villa de Leyva/Bogota. Enjoyed their company and they were informative and spoke good English. – S. J. A. M. R. was delightful. She had a lovely manner and style. It genuinely felt like we were travelling with a friend. Her enthusiasm for the trip matched ours and it did not seem fabricated. She had just the right balance of being informative and friendly without being overbearing. Although she was very knowledgeable, she did not pretend to know the answers to all our questions but she was able to find someone who knew. She is a real talent. We missed her when we went our separate ways. – D. E.

Jose Baena

Incoming Manager

Deutsch, Spanisch, Englisch
Bei Neptuno seit 2023

Jose wuchs in Deutschland auf und besuchte mit 22 Jahren das Land seiner Großeltern, Kolumbien. Während seiner Reise erkundete er die Natur, die Landschaft und verliebte sich in die Menschen, die Kultur und die Geschichte Kolumbiens. Jose liebt kolumbianischen Kaffee und hat Kaffeefarmen im Land besucht. Als deutscher Reiseführer mit über 6 Jahren Erfahrung in Kolumbien lebt er seine Leidenschaft für die Geschichte und den Kaffee aus.