General Terms & Conditions

1. TRAVEL CONTRACT: An official travel contract between the tour operator, travel agency or direct client with Promotora Neptuno is established with our confirmation and our terms and conditions come into effect as per this moment.

2. REQUESTS: Promotora Neptuno services may be requested by all travel agencies, tour operators, airlines and tourist groups in the whole world.

3. CONFIRMATIONS: All services must be confirmed only and exclusively by Promotora Neptuno.

4. RATES: All prices are provided in USD, net-rates, per person (services) and per room (hotel rates), valid in the mentioned period and are subjetct to changes without previous notice.

5. EXCEPTIONS: We understand, of course, that worldwide tour operators having already published a catalogue with our prices cannot change those anymore. In these cases Promotora Neptuno accepts for reservations from the tour operator catalogue the old prices we offered for the catalogue. Only in extreme situations these rates will be adapted.

6. HOTEL RATES: If there´s only one hotel price, this rate refers to the lowest price of standard rooms in low season. An increasing number of hotels run their company like an airline. Therefore it might happen, that hotels will be confirmed with higher rates than mentioned in our manual. The reason for this is that there are no standard rooms to the lowest prices anymore available in the hotel. Of course, we will always explicitly emphasize this case to you in the confirmation.

7. VALUE ADDED TAX: Some years ago, the Colombian government decided to exclude foreign tourists from the value added tax (IVA form Spanish, currently at 19%) added to accommodation rates with regards to reservations and payments made in the exterior. Therefore our prices are stated without the IVA.

8. FLIGHTS: Domestic flight prices are very fluctuant and will depend on the date of the reservation, date of the flight, itinerary, airline and season. Tariffs must be re-confirmed when booking and are under request. National airport fee is included in the flight prices. Infantes up to 2 year travel free of charge without the right for a seat. They must be carried by an adult. Kids between 2-12 years pay usually between 67% and 100% of that price.

9. PAYMENT POLICIES: If there is no other special agreement we apply the following payment policy:
FIT services: Confirmed reservations have to be paid in advance at least 30 days before hosts’ arrival by fund transfer to our bank account, credit card or cash.
Group services: 50% deposit of confirmed reservations at least 90 days before arrival and final payment at least 30 days before arrival by fund transfer to our bank account, credit card or cash.
Special payment policies may apply and will be informed at the moment of confirmation.
We reserve the right to charge the flight tickets before or at the moment of booking.



Bank:                   Bancolombia Panamá
Bank address:      Plaza Marbella Calle Aquilino de la Guardia calle 47, Ciudad, República de Panamá
SWIFT:                 COLOPAPA
Beneficiary:         Promotora Neptuno Cia Ltda
Account number: 010807677


Penalty for cancellations of our services  in Colombia for FITs and groups (except flights – see below):
up to 60 days before arrival to Colombia:             0% of the total amount
from 59 to 30 days before arrival to Colombia:   20% of the total amount
from 29 to 22 days before arrival to Colombia:   30% of the total amount
from 21 to 15 days before arrival to Colombia:    40% of the total amount
from 14 to 8 days before arrival to Colombia:      50% of the total amount
from 7 to 4 days before arrival to Colombia:        60% of the total amount
from 3 to 1 day before arrival to Colombia:          80% of the total amount
On the day of arrival:                                            90% of the total amount
Special cancellation policies may apply for groups and will be informed at the moment of quotation or confirmation.

During high season and for special hotels and services we may apply special cancellation policies in some hotels which will be communicated at the moment of confirmation.

Issued flight tickets are non refundable.

Change of travel date
Promotora Neptuno may charge any change of reservation. We inform about the amount at the moment of change.

Not used services
If the customer does not use already confirmed services after his arrival he/she has no right for refund. Anyway Promotora Neptuno commits itself to make an effort to get a refund from the different suppliers.

12. EXCHANGE RATE: Promotora Neptuno has presumably offered the most attractive prices on the market for years. We succeed in doing that not only through successful negotiating with our providers but also by applying very attractive exchange rates from Colombian Peso to US Dollar or Euro for our clients.

13. GROUPS: Prices for groups must be requested, unless they figure in the list of prices. In general it is possible to concede a Tour Conductor completely free of charge for each 15 full paying paxs.

14. CHILDREN POLICIES Children and babies (maximum two of them), less than 12 years old, (11 years and 364 days) can be generally lodged free in their parents (two adults) room, but please reconfirm that information when booking. Expenses for babies or children maintenance must be paid in each place where it would be necessary. From 12 years old onward, price to be paid will be full.

15. DOCUMENTS: Tourists are responsible for the carrying and presentation of their own travel documents and required vaccination. Promotora Neptuno can not be held responsible for missing travel documents or vaccinations.

16. HEALTH INSURANCE: Tourists are responsible of their health insurance during their stay in Colombia. Promotora Neptuno con not be held responsible for a missing health insurance nor the consecuences that might occur.

Jose Baena

Incoming Manager

Deutsch, Spanisch, Englisch
Bei Neptuno seit 2023

Jose wuchs in Deutschland auf und besuchte mit 22 Jahren das Land seiner Großeltern, Kolumbien. Während seiner Reise erkundete er die Natur, die Landschaft und verliebte sich in die Menschen, die Kultur und die Geschichte Kolumbiens. Jose liebt kolumbianischen Kaffee und hat Kaffeefarmen im Land besucht. Als deutscher Reiseführer mit über 6 Jahren Erfahrung in Kolumbien lebt er seine Leidenschaft für die Geschichte und den Kaffee aus.