The wide plains called „Llanos“, located in between the deltas of the Eastern Cordillera and the banks of the Orinoco river, are populated by traditional cattlemen. The plain landscape of the region with its capital Villavicencio meets all the necessary requirements for ‘green’ agro-tourism. This is due to the fact that it is not only possible to enjoy almost pristine nature but also to learn about the typical tasks on a cattle farm.On agro-touristic farms and fincas, you will be able to ride horses, go swimming in rivers with crystal-clear water or just enjoy the warm climate and the fantastic view over the region, especially at the setting of the sun. The exquisite local cuisine and nights with entertaining folk music forms the ideal surrounding for people who love a combination of tradition and an almost pristine nature.


• Villavicencio
• The agro-ecological parc Merecure
• Caño Cristales
• Lagos de Menegua
• Ecolodge Hato la Aurora