The Pacific coast belongs to the part of Colombia, that is one of most exotic and pristine regions in all of Latin America. The region extends from the foothills of the Eastern Cordilleras with its characteristic lush green, rain forest, until the edge of the Pacific Ocean where it is bordered by miles of unspoiled beaches. The people, mostly of African-American origin, are very open-minded and interested in chatting with visitors. Nowadays, Colombia is particularly proud of the region of Chocó, which has remained almost entirely untouched; it does not have any hint of industry and stands out as a pristine natural treasure. The region of Chocó is known for its biodiversity and is in fact an exotic laboratory for oceanographers and experts in botany. If you have a good eye, the spirit of an explorer and a little bit of luck you might just uncover plants and animal species that have never been seen. And while you are at it you can tack on the unforgettable experience of whale watching during the whale season (July – October).



• Waterfalls
• Rainforest
• Whales, turtles, birds
• Villages Termales, Joví, Coquí, El Valle

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