Responsible Tourism

Booking a trip with PROMOTORA NEPTUNO will be a positive and enriching experience from the first contact till the end of your trip.

Tourism can have negative effects, especially in developing countries such as Colombia. We are aware of that and therefore, it is a particularly important concern to us to take responsibility in the area of environmental and social sustainability, and to give top priority to “Sustainable and responsible tourism”.

Under “sustainable and responsible tourism”, we understand the kind of tourism, which fully meets the needs of our customers without compromising the nature, culture, and economy of Colombia – neither with regard to the present, nor in relation to future generations.





PROMOTORA NEPTUNO is a Colombian-German Travel Agency, specialized in the organization of individual and group trips in Colombia for international tourists and corporative trips in the national market. Our main value is the honesty among each other in our group and with our customers and suppliers.

Commitment with the environment

Minimize the negative impact on the environment through all the value chain in the company (inside the office, each one with their own relatives and out of the office), preserving natural resources and biodiversity, through the accomplishment of good practices.
Our sustainability policy

Commitment with the cultural heritage

Promote the cultural heritage of the region and the country and ensure that our tours conserve and show the authenticity of the cultural heritage of the country.

Commitment with the community

Ensure that our touristic tours involve the local community, in order to create employment and improve the quality of life, and promoting the inclusion of the local community in all our activities.

Commitment against the sexual and commercial exploitation of children and teenagers (ESCNNA)

Promotora Neptuno rejects the exploitation, sexual abuse and any other form of abuse of children in accordance with the provisions of Law 678 of 2001.

trustworthy travel agencies in Colombia and the world


Our vision and objective is to be one of the most accepted and trustworthy travel agencies in Colombia and the world. We want the name Promotora Neptuno to be associated with effectiveness, friendliness and quality. At corporate level we want to achieve a stable growth of 20% annually for the sale of touristic services to customers within Colombia, with the aim of reaching an average of 500.000 USD of monthly sales by the end of 2025, but without losing the service quality which is and has to be our great advantage.

With regards to incoming tourism, we wish to have a market share of at least 50% in the countries where our partners are based and to participate in markets all over the world by the end of 2020. The financial goal for the incoming tourism department are monthly revenues of 1.000.000 USD by the end of 2025.

We wish to be known for our excellent customer service quality, where the individual’s satisfaction with our services during their travels, whether business or leisure always has to coincide with our sustainability objectives.