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    Where Are The Rest of The Live Demo Sliders?

    Our live demo contains dozens of sliders. The importer only imports a few samples of each slider due to overall file size, most servers would not be able to import more which would cause the import to fail. We provide a few samples of each type to get you started, and you can download the rest from our documentaiton to import individually.

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    How Do I Receive The Rest of The Demo Sliders?

    We can only include a few samples of ech slider type in the import, if we included them all the vast majority of servers would crash due to the overall file size. Follow the steps below to obtain the rest of the demo sliders.

    • Create an account at our support center by following these steps
    • Access the demo slider files from this post in our online documentation.
    • Be sure to follow the directions for the type of slider you will be importing
    View More Information In Our Documentation
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