Wellness no longer means just spa or massages but is nowadays a much broader and more complex concept, as there are many different ways to achieve well-being of body and soul. Consciously switching off and rediscovering oneself – through physical activity, a healthy diet, yoga, dance, crafts, or any other activity that has a meditative effect on us – is the basic idea of our wellness journey “A journey to yourself”.
For everyone who would like to completely recharge their energy and allow your body a time-out, but at the same time get to know different facets of the country, Colombia, with its immeasurable variety of flora and fauna, as well as many still rather remote and quiet areas, is the perfect place! During walks through the unique Andean landscapes, the coffee zone and the Pacific coast, cooking or campfire sessions or during the many other relaxing elements, you get to disconnect from the busy everyday life, leave all cares behind and let your body and mind unwind.

Upon request yoga lessons can be arranged daily (not included).

Tourstopps: Zipacón – Honda – Manizales – Medellín – Nuquí

La Palma y El Tucán


Upon arrival in Bogotá we are picked up by our local guide and driver, who take us away from the hustle of the big city to our accommodation, a coffee finca close to Zipacón, in a beautiful mountainous setting and a lovely climate.


• Out of the city right into pure nature

Our Insider Tip:

To avoid getting short of breath due to the altitude (about 2500 m), allow your body to rest as much as needed.

Coffee Tour


According to the basic principle of our journey, we take our first day in Colombia absolutely easy.
After a delicious breakfast, the morning is at leisure so you can enjoy the environment to the fullest.
In the afternoon we get in touch with the Pachamama (mother nature). The gardeners of the finca guide us through the spacious vegetable garden and the nursery where the coffee seeds are grown. We learn more about the seeds, germination and growing – of both, the coffee but also the vegetables and herbs, which are used in the hotel´s kitchen – and here and there we get to work the soil and plants ourselves.
Duration: approx. 1.5h


• Interactive tour through the vegetable garden and the nursery

Our Insider Tip:

Smell, taste, touch.



In the morning we learn first-hand all about the daily activities at this coffee finca – a finca that produces such a special coffee, that it already received awards at some of the most prestigious contests on an international level. Apart from the already familiar vegetable garden of the finca, we get to see the nursery, the machinery, the drying area and the coffee plantation with its various exotic types of coffee plants. We get to know the team in charge of the entire process and end the tour with the tasting of the final product – a delicious cup of fresh coffee.

In the afternoon we make our way to Honda, a little village located on the shores of Colombia´s most important river, Río Magdalena.


• All about coffee
• Charming alleys of Honda

Our Insider Tip:

Watch the sunset from the puente Navarro and with some luck you even get a glimpse of the Nevado del Ruiz.

Andes Landscape


In the morning we explore the village by foot. Honda was founded in 1643 and is located right at the shore of Río Magdalena. We visit the market at Plaza de Mercado, the bridge puente Navarro and the museum Museo del Río.

Afterwards we drive through impressive Andean landscapes to the coffee region. Our accommodation, a family run finca close to Manizales, is a place where good alimentation, and wellbeing of body and soul are most important.


• Charming Honda
• Contrast Honda and coffee region
• Peace and tranquility at the remote finca

Our Insider Tip:

Take some breaks during the ride to enjoy the breathtaking views over the Andes to the fullest.

Reiki, Viga Vieja


Today, during a Reiki-session, we channel the energy of the universe and thus initiate the self-healing of our bodies, giving us a feeling of comfort, peace, serenity and pain relief.
The session is conducted by Andres, a very special man, founder and father of the Viga Vieja family.
Duration: about 1h

The rest of the day is free to explore the beautiful lush green grounds of the finca by foot.


• Reiki session
• Exploring the grounds of the finca with all its splendid flora and fauna

Our Insider Tip:

Deepen your knowledge about a healthy lifestyle, reiki, yoga, and many other interesting topics during a conversation with the owners of the finca.

Termales San Vicente


After a healthy and revitalizing breakfast we head from our accommodation towards the municipality of Santa Rosa de Cabal, located in the Risaralda department. From there we drive uphill for about an hour, the landscape becomes more remote and rural, we leave the last houses behind us. At a slow pace on an unpaved road we get to enjoy the beautiful Andean landscape. Finally we reach the natural paradise of the thermal baths of San Vicente, which are located in the middle of a nature reserve of 472 hectares of beautiful cloud forest. In the whole San Vicente reserve there are 250 geysers with thermal water, 15 of which are used for bathing, Turkish steam baths, mud therapy, the spa and for an in-house mineral water treatment plant (Aguas San Vicente). Total relaxation and peace, in the middle of wonderful nature, is the order of the day. We spend about 4 hours in the reserve, enjoy the thermal baths, and some of the different spa therapies (one sand and one mud treatment, each about 15 min, included). If you would like to stretch your legs a little in between, take an about 15 min walk on a signposted ecological path, surrounded by giant ferns, to the waterfall “El Embrujo” (= the wizard), which flows down a 30-meter-high, moss-covered rock. If you look for something even more active, you can join a guided hike of about 45 minutes to explore geysers and clear cold waterfalls (not included). At the agreed time we make our way back to the hotel.


• Thermal, rejuvenating hot springs San Vicente

Our Insider Tip:

Detour to the waterfall El Embrujo.

Finca La Romelia


Today´s destination is the family run orchids-farm Finca La Romelia, where we take a walk through the finca´s plantations and forest. Also, we explore the nursery and the main house. Finca Romelia has one of the largest and most varied private collections of orchids in the country, with about 500 genera and more than 800 species.
After lunch we still have plenty of time to enjoy the view and to have a closer look at the orchids, bonsais and hummingbirds.


• View over the green mountainous landscape
• Impressive collection of orquides and bonsaias
• Familiar atmosphere and delicious food

Our Insider Tip:

The hidden, tiny orquides, that grow on the branches of the bonsais.

Coffee Region Bird


We leave Manizales before midday and drive to Medellin, the city of eternal spring.
Our hotel is a remote, green oasis in the middle of Medellin and thus allows us to enjoy peace and silence although being in a city.


• Versatile gastronomic offer in Medellín
• The big garden of the hotel

Our Insider Tip:

How about an ayurvedic cooking class?

Chocó Coastline


In the early morning we head to Medellín´s city airport to take a small plane to Nuquí.
In Nuquí we are picked up by our local guide and accompanies us to the dock, where our speedboat to the hotel leaves from (about 50 min boat ride).
After getting to know the hotel and having lunch, ywe organize our activities for the following days with the guides.

Attention: The following activities are subject to change depending on climate, tides, etc. We program the exact schedule of the daily activities with our guide.


• Contrast Medellín and Pacific coast
• Remote and tranquil location
• Astonishing flora and fauna
• Whales (June-October)
• Large number of endemic birds
• Water sports Wassersport – Surfing, kayaking, Snorkelling, diving, etc
• Rainforest bordering the Pacific Ocean

Our Insider Tip:

Take a nocturnal dip in the ocean to see the fluorescent plancton.

Chocó Beach


After waking up to the sounds of the rainforest and the ocean, have breakfast before heading to the village of Termales. The walk along the beach takes about 1.5 h and you might cross little creeks and rocks. You will get to see some locals on their way to work, local fishermen in their traditional canoes and the chance to go for a refreshing swim whenever you feel like it. In Termales you experience the local life and can visit the the pretty hot springs, where you have the chance to enjoy a relaxing aroma therapy massage (not included).
When you are finished exploring the village, you head back to the hotel for lunch. The afternoon is free to enjoy the beach, activities like surfing, kayaking, snorkelling, etc (not included).


• The hot springs in the village Termales
• Walk along the beach

Our Insider Tip:

The mineral-rich rocks in the pool of the hot springs can be used for a facial.

Chocó Whales


Today is at leisure.

Optional activities, in case you feel like doing some physical exercise:
– Included: A hike through the jungle or to a close by waterfall
– Not included: kayaking, snorkelling, surfing, stand up paddling


• Hike through the rainforest
• Water sports
• The sounds of the ocean and the rainforest

Our Insider Tip:

In the neighbouring village, Guachalito, they sell craft Viche (local liquor made from cugar cane).

Tour Rio Joví


After an about 20 min boat ride we arrive in Joví, a little fishermen village, where we meet a local guide who introduces us to the Afro-Colombian community and culture. Afterwards we travel by “chingo” (a traditional canoe) up the Joví River for about 1 h until we arrive at a waterfall in the rainforest, where we can take a dip in the crystal-clear water. We return to the village and walk along the beach to the neighbouring village Coqui, where we visit the Integral Gastronomic Centre of Coquí. Here we get to know the traditional gardens of the native population with several typical types of herbs and vegetables. Get insights on the secret flavours and ingredients of the unique cuisine of Colombia’s Pacific coast and prepare a traditional lunch together with some of the best cooks in the Chocó region. With a full stomach and a content heart (barriga llena, corazón feliz) we return by boat to our hotel.


• Tour on the river in traditional canoes
• Refreshing bath in the waterfall
• Cooking lesson with the locals

Our Insider Tip:

With some luck, baby turtles hatch at the beach.

Patio del Mundo, Jardín


Early transfer (depending on our flight schedule) by speedboat from our hotel to Nuqui where your guide accompanies you to the airport.
Upon arrival in Medellín, we are taken back to our hotel.

The afternoon is free to process all impressions of the last couple of days in peace and silence.


• Back to “reality”

Our Insider Tip:

The restaurant El Cielo takes you on an exciting culinary journey.



In the morning we head to Santa Elena, where, in a highly comfortable environment, we get in touch with the Pachamama again. During a very hands-on workshop we learn about medicinal plants, their cultivation and care. “Your food shall be your medicine” and “there is a plant for every ailment” are the basic ideas of this workshop.
After a healthy, delicious lunch we finalize the class and return to Medellín, where we end our day in the beautiful garden of our hotel.


• “Your food shall be your medicine”
• Drive to the beautiful village Santa Elena

Our Insider Tip:

Smell, taste, touch, see, hear…use all your senses.



Today it is time to say good-bye Colombia.
Privat transfer from the hotel to the airport for our onward journey (possible extension to the Caribbean coast).


Zipacón: La Palma y El Tucán www.lapalmayeltucanhotel.com
Honda: Hotel Boutique Posada Las Trampas www.posadalastrampas.com
Manizales: Viga Vieja www.vigaviejamanizales.com
Medellín: Patio del Mundo www.patiodelmundo.com
Guachalito: La Kuka www.lakukahotel.com
• All services indicated in the above itinerary.
• All transfers and transportation in good, well-equipped vehicles: automobiles, vans and buses.
• Overnight in hotels mentioned including breakfasts (partly American breakfast, partly buffet).
• Local bilingual guidance
• Permanent bilingual guidance for groups of 7 pax and more
• All other services mentioned in the program: excursions, meals
• Personal travel documents, map of Colombia and useful welcome gift.
• Local Travel Program Support, 24 hours emergency service.
• Entrance fees.
• Flights MDE-NQU & NQU-MDE
• Internation and other domestic flights
• Personal expenses and tips
• Services not mentiones in the itinerary
When thinking about golf courses, Colombia might not be the first destination that comes to your mind – and yet: Colombia has some great golf courts, located in paradisiacal surroundings.
Experience the diversity of Colombia and play on some on golf courts located in the most distinct landscapes – from the Andean mountains close to the capital Bogotá, the coffee region with its mild climate and beautiful views, to Cartagena de Indias, one of the most beautiful Latin American cities, located at the Caribbean coast.
The touristic highlights are covered as well: charming colonial villages, amazing landscapes in Santander and the coffee region and last but not least Cartagena, the pearl of the Caribbean.

Tourstopps: Bogotá – Cajicá – Villa de Leyva – Barichara – Bucaramanga – Pereira – Cartagena

Bogotá, Centro


Upon arrival in Bogotá, you are picked up by your local guide and taken to your colonial style hotel in the historic centre, La Candelaria.


• Stroll through the surroundings of the hotel

Our Insider Tip:

The popular sweet wafers with Arequipe, which also Mick Jagger seems to like a lot (available during day time).

Bogotá by night


We set out on a walking tour through Colombia’s pulsating capital. In the historical center the capital shows its nostalgic face. Colonial buildings house theaters and galleries, libraries and museums join government buildings and palaces, rustic bakeries are next to copy and book shops, and office workers and students mingle with fruit and wafer vendours. At the grand Plaza de Bolivar, we discover important government buildings. Via Carrera Septima, Bogotá’s busy pedestrian zone, we reach the San Francisco church, the city’s oldest church, as well as the renowned gold museum (closed on Mondays). We finish our walking tour with a picturesque cable car ride up to Monserrate, Bogota’s pilgrimage mountain, to view the nine-million-metropolis and the surrounding high plains from above.
Attention: On Sundays Monserrate is very busy and there might be long queues. Alternatively, the guide will take you by taxi to Guadalupe Mountain, at 3.300 m, where you get to enjoy the view of Bogota.


• Historic Centre La Candelaria
• View from Monserrate
• Historic artefarcts at the Gold Museum
• Versatile, gastronomic offer

Our Insider Tip:

Looking closely, on Avenida Jimenez, one can see people trading emeralds in small paper bags.

Golf Course Club El Rincon, Cajicá


Today is our first day of golf. We head north to Cajicá, to the local golf court Club El Rincón containing 18 holes, located in the beautiful scenery of the plateau altiplano cundinobaycense. In the afternoon we are taken to our modern hotel in the northern part of the city, as tomorrow we continue further north.


Our Insider Tip:

Visit of the Parque de la 93 and dinner at one of the many restaurants surrounding the square.

Salt Cathedral


First up on our overland trip to quaint Villa de Leyva is the visit to a masterpiece of ecclesiastical architecture, the world famous salt cathedral of Zipaquirá. Carved out of a salt mine 120 meters below the ground, the impressive cathedral awaits visitors beautifully illuminated. We continue our trip to Villa de Leyva via colourful Ráquira, a village known for its potteries and ceramics. Upon entering Villa de Leyva we will instantly see why it has been named one of South America’s most beautiful colonial towns. Transfer to Hotel where we will spend two nights and set out on a walk through quaint pebbled streets and across the main plaza, and to discover cafés and restaurants.


• Underground Salt-cathedral of Zipaquirá
• Elaborate handicraft in Raquirá
• Basilica de la Virgen de Chiquinquirá
• Colonial architecture of Villa de Leyva

Our Insider Tip:

The restaurant Colfrance, located at the shores of the lagoon Fúquene, is the perfect lunch-stop.

Villa de Leyva, Ecce Homo


In the morning we have time to stroll around the picturesque streets of Villa de Leyva and to explore the central plaza with its churches, restaurants and handicraft shops once more before we are off to “El Infiernito”, an indigenous site of the Muisca located outside of town. Featuring several earthwork structures, burial mounds and perfectly lined up menhirs (standing stones), the site is a testament to religious ceremonies and spiritual purification rites. El Infiernito has also served as a rudimentary astronomical observatory. A must on this trip also is a visit to the pretty 17th century Dominican convent “Ecce Homo”, a wonderfully restored property. Going even further back in time we also make a stint to the paleontological museum to learn about the region’s Jurrasic past as we admire over 150-million-year old saurian fossils. We finish our day at the wondrous clayhouse, a 5,400 square foot house made entirely of baked clay, “the largest piece of pottery in the world”, as owner and architect Octavio Mendoza assures.
Overnight at hotel.

Note: On Mondays “El infiernito” is closed, so, this visit will be replaced by visit to a Wineyard.


• Monastery Ecce Homo
• Gigantic fossils in El Fosil
• Casa Terracotta
• Archaeological site El Infernito

Our Insider Tip:

There are plenty of little art shops and galleries to discover in Villa de Leyva.



Today we move on to warmer regions, our next stop is the beautiful colonial village Barichara. Barichara is a municipality in the department of Santander and the kind of town that Hollywood filmmakers dream of. A Spanish colonial town of fine culture and flair, Barichara boasts cobblestone streets and 300-year old, whitewashed buildings with red-tiled roofs that look as though they were built only yesterday. Many films and soap operas in Spanish are filmed here and these movie-set appearances are also the reason for considerable reconstruction efforts made since the town was declared a national monument in 1978. The town’s natural beauty, moderate warm climate and bohemian lifestyle have been attracting visitors for a long time. In recent years Barichara has become a magnet for affluent Colombians.

We spend the night in Barichara in a comfortable little hotel with a pretty garden.


• Charming colonial flair
• Drive through lush green landscapes

Our Insider Tip:

Stop in Socorro and visit of the local museum.

Chicamocha Canyon


In the morning we embark on a delightful walk along the historical cobblestone trail that leads to Guane, a little village rich in archaeological history. Wandering through quaint scenery and overlooking the stunning valley of Rio Suarez we reach Guane after about 2-3 hours (level of difficulty: low). Here a small museum houses an important collection of aquatic fossils, a Guane mummy, and a variety of other treasures from both the colonial and contemporary periods.
Around midday we head towards Bucaramanga and reach the golf club Ruitoque just outside Bucaramanga. We stay in one of the cosy cabañas inside the golf club, enjoying the pleasant climate for the next 2 nights.


• Walk through picturesque landscapes
• Archaeological findings in Guane
• Views of the Chicamocha Canyon

Our Insider Tip:

A unique snapshot at Chicamocha Cañon with your golf partner.

Golf Club Ruitoque, Floridablanca


The Ruitoque golf course is located in the middle of magnificent nature, among acacia trees and surrounded by lush vegetation. Today we play golf (par 71) on the excellent 18 hole course. Afterwards there is time to enjoy the facilities of the club or to relax a little.


Our Insider Tip:

In the afternoon, let´s see what the hotel´s spa has to offer?

Coffee REgion landscape


We drive to the airport of Bucaramanga and take a flight to the coffee región, where we stay at a beautiful coffee finca with pool. The afternoon is free to enjoy the hotel, its surroundings and pool.


• Lush green scenery of the coffee region

Our Insider Tip:

Keep your eyes open for the Barranquero, a bird with very unique blue tailfeathers.

Valle de Cocora


Today we explore the village of Salento and the Cocora Valley: Wax palms that are dotting the lush hillsides in large numbers are towering high into mystical cloud forest: Cocora Valley is considered one of the most beautiful valleys in Colombia and it is not difficult to see why. The valley in Colombia’s coffee zone is not only home to the country’s national tree but also offers a stunning backdrop for hikes and horseback rides. Up to 60 metres the Quindian wax palm reaches in height, making it one of the tallest species of palm trees in the world – a fascinating sight. After having enjoyed these fascinating trees weg o on to a tour of the Hass avocado plantations in the middle of agro-ecological trails belonging to the Parque Nacional Natural de los Nevados. During the tour which takes around 2 h we get to know all the aspects related to the production of avocado and we finish the tour with a tasting of different types of avocado and drinks based on it.Our return trip leads through a picturesque backdrop of hillsides and quaint haciendas. A stop at the traditional and colourful town of Salento, one of the most beautiful of the coffee villages, rounds off our day out. We can stroll the streets and main square in a quest for delicious coffee and lovingly made handicrafts.


• Green Andean landscapes
• Colourfull coffee-village Salento

Our Insider Tip:

A tasty Canelazo (typical hot beverage).

Club Campestre Pereira


Are you ready to play golf again? At Club Campestre Pereira (71 par) we will have the next opportunity to do so. Just like the other days of golf, our guide takes us to the club and accompanies us throughout the entire day.


Our Insider Tip:

Today is going to be just perfect, so lean back and game on.

Coffee Plant


Today we visit an authentic coffee finca: In the middle of the coffee axis just 50 minutes away from Sazagua, in the mountains of Palestina, Caldas, live Lilia, Gabriel, Karen and Gelen, a family of the region waiting for you to live a typical day with a Colombian peasant family accompanied of stories, our local cuisine and lots of coffee.
An authentic experience where you can plant your own coffee plant and periodically receive pictures of the state of it. A prove of the synergy that exists between tradition and tourism.

Enjoy your free afternoon at the hotel.


• All about coffee
• Local culture up close

Our Insider Tip:

Not only the coffee bean, but also the berries are highly energizing!

Cartagena by night


Today we leave the coffee region and fly to Cartagena. Here, colonial chic meets Caribbean flair, old city walls and fortresses bear witness to gold treasures and pirates, and cobbled alleys, green plazas and colourfully painted facades carry us away and right into the novels of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. The perfectly restored historic town, an UNESCO world heritage site, is best explored on foot, by horse carriage or by bicycle – in any case slowly and delightfully. From the top of the city walls, let your gaze wander over the sea of terracotta roofs on one side and the Caribbean Sea on the other. The nearby Rosario Islands seem to come straight from a postcard. Their white sandy beaches and crystal clear Caribbean Sea offer the picture-perfect backdrop to relax.
We spend the following three nights at the luxurious hotel resort Conrad Cartagena that comes with its own onsite golf court.


• Contrast between the coffee region and the Caribbean coast

Our Insider Tip:

A ride in one of the horse-drawne carriages through the historic center.

Cartagena, Centre, Tower


Today we explore Cartagena de Indias: We start our fascinating half-day tour to the sights of Cartagena at the convent of La Popa (the highest point of the city – around 140 m high) and the Fort of San Felipe de Barajas, the biggest military construction ever built by the Spanish in their colonies. During the visit of approx. 1 hour we can appreciate this masterpiece of military architecture in coral stone and get a good idea about the defense strategy of the city in front of pirate attacks in the 17th and 18th century. Afterwards, we are heading to the historical center and walk approx. 2 hours to the most beautiful squares, churches and streets. The eclectic mix of colonial architecture, gastronomy and culture make Cartagena deserve the title of UNESCO World Heritage Site and an unforgettable destination.


• Historic city centre with its romantic alleys
• View from the city wall (especially at sunset)
• Castillo San Felipe
• La Popa Convent

Our Insider Tip:

Enjoy the sunset from the city wall or a rooftop bar.

Golf Court, Conrad Cartagena


Another golf day, spent at the hotel´s onsite, 18 hole golf court (72 Par) Kariban.


Our Insider Tip:

Golf Court Conrad Cartagena 1


Today we can choose to either golf again or simply enjoy a free day at the hotel.


Our Insider Tip:



The time has come to say goodbye Colombia. We are taken to the airport and start our onward journey.


Our Insider Tip:

Bogotá: La Opera www.hotelopera.com.co/
Villa de Leyva: Casa Terra www.hotelcasaterra.com
Barichara: Casa Barichara www.vigaviejamanizales.com
Bucaramanga: Hacienda El Roble www.cafemesadelossantos.com
Pereira: Sazagua www.sazagua.com
Cartagena: Conrad Cartagena www.conradcartagena.com/
• All services indicated in the above itinerary.
• All transfers and transportation in good, well-equipped vehicles: automobiles, vans and buses.
• Overnight in hotels mentioned including breakfasts (partly American breakfast, partly buffet).
• Local bilingual guidance
• Permanent bilingual guidance for groups of 7 pax and more
• All other services mentioned in the program: excursions, meals
• Personal travel documents, map of Colombia and useful welcome gift.
• Local Travel Program Support, 24 hours emergency service.
• Entrance fees.
• Domestic flights Bucaramanga – Pereira and Pereira – Cartagena
• Internation and other domestic flights
• Personal expenses and tips
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