El Dorado International Airport was recognized with the ‘Airports Going Green’ award, for its constant pursuit of sustainability within the aviation industry. The air terminal is the first in Latin America to receive this recognition. The award was presented by the Airports Going Green Conference, the aviation industry’s leading forum on sustainability run by the Chicago Department of Aviation.

Among the merits that led to the recognition, the climate change strategy and the airport’s commitment to the pursuit of carbon neutrality by 2025 stand out. El Dorado has ambitious goals to reduce total greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. , which is being materialized through the use of alternative energies, the technological renewal of conventional LED lighting and the optimization of air conditioning systems.

“El Dorado is proud to receive this type of recognition, which highlights the work we do every day to positively impact our environment, contributing to the care of the environment. At the airport we are committed to responsible water consumption, increasing the use of waste, reducing energy consumption and generating value for neighboring communities; actions that help us create more sustainable connections ,” said Natalí Leal – General Manager of Opain.

Among other actions highlighted by El Dorado to achieve the award, the work in water protection stands out through the operation of its Treatment Plant and the consolidation of its model for the comprehensive management of solid waste, which has allowed the treatment of this resource, in order to carry out clean discharges to water sources and take advantage of high percentages of waste generated from the airport’s operation.

Currently, El Dorado avoids the dumping of 1.85 tons of organic matter and 345.34 kilograms of solid waste into the water daily and has a utilization of 64% of waste that avoids sending more than 2,000 tons of garbage to the landfill. year.

This recognition is added to the certificate received during 2022 as the first airport in the country to obtain the ICONTEC 100% Verified Renewable Electric Energy verification seal and the ACA (Airport Carbon Accredited) level 2 certification in the “Reduction” category, recognitions that endorse the terminal’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint.

Source: Aeroermo

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