The coffee region is and remains one of our customers’ favorite destinations, and this is for good reason. Marveling at the tall wax palms, for example in the Cocora Valley, is on many people’s to-do list, which is why our intern Pauline recently went to see it for herself. In the following, she tells us about her experiences to give you an even better idea of this breathtaking adventure.
“During my short trip to Salento, I spent a day exploring the Valle de
Cocora (Cocora Valley). From Salento, I took a Willy Jeep, the typical local form of transportation, about 30 minutes to my destination. Once in the Valley, there are several ways to admire the impressive palm trees: A short walk of about 2.5 kilometers, an alternative route of 12 kilometers or even the option to ride a horse. Popular viewing points to take photos are found on every route.
I opted for the second option, the 12-kilometer route. This forms a loop with two entrances and exits. I would recommend taking the rear entrance to follow the trail in a clockwise direction. At the beginning, you pass the breathtaking wax palms, which tend to hide in the fog during the course of the day.
The first six kilometers led steadily uphill, but the impressive landscape made me forget the effort. During the hike, I passed numerous palm trees, mystical forests, viewpoints and visited the Casa de los colibris (hummingbird house), where a wide variety of hummingbirds can be seen. The entrance fee also included a hot drink, which came in very handy at that very moment. The rest of the way led through the forest, across rivers and suspension bridges and ended between meadows with a view of the wax palms veiled in mist. The return trip to Salento was again in a Willy Jeep.
The hike requires a certain level of fitness, but is also suitable for less experienced hikers. Although the trail is very popular, it was not too crowded. Occasionally we met other hiking groups, but most of the time we were on our own. As there is only one place where you can buy snacks, it is recommended to carry some snacks with you.
The hike in the Valle de Cocora was the highlight of my stay in Salento, and I can highly recommend it to anyone visiting the coffee zone!

Stephan Stober

General Manager

German, Spanish, English
With Neptuno since 2008

As a geographer, Stephan has been fascinated since his first visit to Colombia by the diversity of the landscapes in Colombia. He has lived in Colombia since 2008, and in May 2011 became a vital member of the incoming team of Promotora Neptuno. He joined Neptuno as an incoming & marketing manager while also teaching evening courses of geography at one of the university in Bogotá. Since 2018 he became a businesspartner, and since 2022 the general manager of Neptuno.