Our intern Pauline was on tour again and tells us first-hand about an exciting tour near Cartagena. She visited an ecological, family-run finca where all visitors get their money’s worth – not only do guests learn a lot about medicinal plants, the local fauna and sustainable agriculture, but they can also explore the finca on various hiking trails or watch local birds.

“I recently visited a finca in Turbaco, about 45 minutes by car from Cartagena’s historic center.
The finca is an organic farm that has been a family business for many decades. Up to 300 animal species live on the property and birds in particular have made the place their home, which is one of the main reasons for our visit. On a 2.5-hour tour of the grounds, the guide shows us various animals such as butterflies, mammals and of course birds, as well as their special characteristics. The plants and trees planted here by the team are carefully selected as they each serve different purposes, for example some trees are home to certain bird species. Visitors can also plant a tree and thus contribute to the sustainable growth of the finca. We also learn a lot about the effects of various medicinal plants, which are planted on the finca. If you have a special interest in beekeeping, you can also learn a lot about it here and taste the finca’s own honey.
The tour should start as early as possible to avoid the heat of midday and to see the many different birds in action in the morning. Getting up early is rewarded with a delicious breakfast after the walk.

We enjoy the rest of the morning at the finca before heading back to Cartagena.

Conclusion: “The excursion is extremely interesting and the detour into nature is a welcome change from the hustle and bustle of Cartagena!”

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Jose Baena

Incoming Manager

Deutsch, Spanisch, Englisch
Bei Neptuno seit 2023

Jose wuchs in Deutschland auf und besuchte mit 22 Jahren das Land seiner Großeltern, Kolumbien. Während seiner Reise erkundete er die Natur, die Landschaft und verliebte sich in die Menschen, die Kultur und die Geschichte Kolumbiens. Jose liebt kolumbianischen Kaffee und hat Kaffeefarmen im Land besucht. Als deutscher Reiseführer mit über 6 Jahren Erfahrung in Kolumbien lebt er seine Leidenschaft für die Geschichte und den Kaffee aus.